Wedding Photography in Kerala

kerala wedding photography Wedding Photography in Kerala
Kerala Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography overview
Wedding is a very special occasion and most of them wants to capture beautiful moments to make them eternal. Here comes the importance of wedding photography. It is also used and kept for life time . It includes both still and moving photography. Still photography means photographs done up in albums. Where as moving photography means video tapes and cds.

Types of Wedding Photography
Still wedding photography includes making of decorative albums. Wedding photography is done on the wedding day with the bride and the bridegroom in their wedding dresses. Movie wedding photography is done using a video camera. This type of photography is again used to capture all special moments before and after marriage.

Wedding Photography Features
Nowadays boys and girls made special albums for their wedding with special still photographs with different layouts and with writing captions.
Movie photography is also divided into different categories and each is taken into different cds. Photographs and videos are done of the couples with the relatives, friends and guests.

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