Kerala Muslim Wedding Photography

muslim wedding photography Kerala Muslim Wedding Photography

Muslim Wedding Photography

A Muslim marriage in Kerala is a simple contract between the boy and the girl’s father. The presence of the girl is not essential. the “Nikkah” is made in the presence of two male witnesses and the service of the mullah is needed foe observing some of Islamic guidelines. The groom need to give to a Mother   to the girl’s father while accepting his daughter as his wife. Ones the initial discussions between two families are over, girl and boy get to meet each other. If they like a particular day is fixed as “valayidal” after the date for engagement is fixed on this day. Some male members of bride family will go to the groom’s home.
On the preceding day of marriage sister of groom and some female relatives proceed to the bride’s house to take part in “mailanchi”. On the marriage day the groom and his entourage will reach the place of marriage. Brother of the girl receives him and the marriage contract will take place. After this the groom is led to the women’s section. Here he will tie a gold chain around neck of the bride. After the wedding there is a bid reception.

kerala muslim wedding photography 300x189 Kerala Muslim Wedding Photography

Kerala Muslim Wedding

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