Hindu Wedding in South India

Weddings are most important ceremonies in the lives of hindus.Hindu weddings are considered as holy ceremonies and the rituals are carried out in an extremely traditional way. The script is enchanted in sanskrit.The rituals have changed but basics are the same.

The weddings are usually held ina temple.Some time families select certain particular temple for wedding.Sometime pyre is created at the marriage venu and the environment is recreated.

Rituals and customs.

 Hindu weddings are done in a” pooja” form as per the puranas.It is a vedic sacrifice where “devas”or gods are invited The aryan deities are invoked in an Indo-Aryan style.It is performed in the presence of sacred diety known as Agni.By law and tradition ,bride and bridegroom have made seven encirclements.

 The hindu weddings are conducted by “pandit”or priest The priest chants ”mantras”as drescribed in the holy books and seeks blessings for the couple.Usually both the bride and bridegrooms parents were presents at the wedding.so that any minor variations in the two family wedding traditions can be settled easily.


 Now a days ceremonies are become not so long because of shortage of time. The tradition of inviting a lots of people is also became reduced.

kerala hindu wedding ceremony Hindu Wedding in South India

Kerala Hindu Wedding Ceremony

kerala hindu wedding stage Hindu Wedding in South India

Kerala Hindu Wedding Stage

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